In my former life (or so it seems), I drank cow’s milk, ate cottage cheese, and enjoyed A LOT of yogurt.

Once my stomach ailments took over my life and I set upon changing my diet with the advice of a couple of naturopathic doctors, my choices seemed to open up before my very eyes. The elimination of dairy and other foods from my diet was not due to a so-called “intolerance,” but more of “insensitivities.” I know when I eat something that contains the trigger foods as I become bloated, gassy, uncomfortable, nauseous, and can have stomach-aches. For the most part, gone are the days of such terrible stomach and pains that I couldn’t stand. I used to curl up in the fetal position in bed and wince with pain.

The change of diet introduced me beyond the standard soy milk alternative to dairy to rice, hemp, quinoa, oat, and almond milks. Pretty much any grain or nut can be made into a “milk.” Each can be used in hot or cold drinks, with cereals, in baked goods, as bases for soups, and I’ve even made “yogurts” out of them with great success.

A few companies make and sell “milks.” I took some time to look into the differences between the ingredients and am always drawn back to Natur-a Rice Milk. Not only is this product dairy-free, but it is also gluten-free!

Made in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Nutrisoya Foods Inc. focuses on using independent third-party certified organic resources to make its products. Under the accreditations, 95% or the ingredients must be certified organic, as does the manufacturing facility, and both the manufacturing and packaging processes must be organic as well.

They describe these, proudly and transparently on their website, here.

They use locally grown (from Ontario and Quebec farms), certified organic, non-genetically modified organisms, and are certified kosher, thereby meeting very high standards of hygiene and quality control.

They also claim to focus on recycling their waste by-products, I’m interested to learn what exactly they have as waste, and furthermore what they do with it!!

The simple list of ingredients was what first attracted me to the product:

natur-a rice milk (

Filtered water, organic brown rice, organic expeller pressed canola oil, tricalcium phosphate, natural flavour, sea salt, vitamin A palmitat, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin D2, vitamin B12, zinc gluconate.

I particularly like the vanilla flavoured one – only difference is the addition of natural vanilla flavour!





Soy "milk" (

The soy “milks” are also very good alternatives. While I cannot tolerate soy very often, I have tried these and they are also tasty. There is organic evaporated cane juice in most, except the unsweetened variety, however, this is not as processed as cane sugars. They also use whole soybeans, not soy concentrates or soy isolates.

The last reason I choose these soy milks over others is there is NO CARRAGEEN!

Carrageen is an extract of seaweed, which is used to thicken substances and reinforce the gluten structures. It is what stabilizes liquids which are not homogeous, but rather have particles in them, so that the particles stay suspended in the liquid rather than sinking to the bottom. It can also be used to clarify liquids, if the opposite intention is preferred, for example with wines, beers, and vinegars. The problem is…there have been claims suggesting that it causes stomach aches in some people. I know for myself, I do have reactions to some soy “milks” more than others. Could this be the reason, maybe?!

Nutrisoya Foods Inc., I’m a loyal fan – thank you for your wonderful products!!