My morning routine usually starts at 6:06am.

<Sidenote: I have this strangely bizzare, yet comforting, habit of setting alarms to times that add up – the first number must be the sum of the last two, or some combination of that.>

I have always had to eat first thing when I get up. My go-to breakfasts have been green monsters (thank you, Oh She Glows for the inspiration), or the non-blended version of a green monster minus the green – in other words, fruit with flax and nut butter on top. YUM-YUM-YUM!

Mango-Banana-Lime-Kale GM - TASTES LIKE HEAVEN!!

Mango-Banana-Lime-Kale Green Monster

1/2 C frozen mango

1 frozen banana

1 C water

1 T sunflower seed butter

1 C kale

pinch of parsley

1 T flaxseed

1/2 lime, juice

I’m telling you, this tastes like tropical heaven!!

I’ve been dreaming of making my GMs with a shiny new Vita-mix (could be possible with the Vitameata Vita-mix giveaway courtesy of Chocolate-Covered Katie), oh my, the possibilities of glorious GMs, amongst other things, are endless!!

I take my time eating breakfast. It is my favourite meal of the day! I lovingly munch on each mouthful as I sit down to watch some news or browse the web in between giving morning kisses to MR. 🙂

I take MR out for a morning walk, and come back to finish my preparations before beginning my commute to work.

Each day, I prepare a cup of ‘Joe’ to take with me to work.  The sound of the kettle whistling is such a comforting sound – the sound reminds me of the comforting cups of tea and coffee enjoyed with friends and family, by a warm fire inside on a cold winter day, during my time in university, during my time working at a cafĂ©, and the different kinds I’ve had the pleasure of tasting in different parts of the world.

I really love the ability to select my coffee of choice. I enjoy watching the water absorb the colour of the coffee grinds and warming up my rice “milk” to match the heat of my coffee (I like my hot drinks HOT!). The sweet aroma always offers me the final wake up nudge to head out the door. This cup of “Joe” serves an important task – it is an inspiration for me to get to work, and to get settled at my desk to open up my thermos. I used a thermos, loyally, until it met its last days last week. And, I immediately looked online to see what could serve as its successor. I knew exactly where to look and I was NOT disappointed!

Kleen Kanteen Insulated


Using materials bought from a hardware store in Chico, California, the Kleen Kanteen prototype was born.

A stainless steel sustainable alternative to the Bisphenol-A (BPA) ridden, disposable, plastic water bottles. BPA has been found to seep out of many plastic products, and ends up in the water, coffee, or food we ingest out of those plastic products. These BPAs are one of many substances, known as “endocrine disruptors,” which raises many questions about health effects and risks. Some concerns surround the effects of BPA on brain, behavious, and prostrate gland function in fetuses, infants, and children at current human exposures  as well as questions about the effects on the mammary gland, and an earlier influx of puberty for females (source). There was actually a BPA research project launched to investigate the impacts of BPA on humans, the safe levels of exposure, as well as recommendations and policies regarding disclosure.

Kleen Kanteen first produced food-grade stainless steel, BPA- and toxic-free water bottles, available in many different sizes and colours. These bottles don’t need to be lined with anything to protect the metal! They are super easy to clean, and there are NO FUNKY SMELLS because the steel doesn’t absorb any flavour or smell residue (like their plastic counterparts!!

They even have infant “sippy” versions. How cool is that?

I own TWO Kleen Kanteens water bottles and have used them for all my cold drink transportation needs.

Once my thermos’ life ended I even tried to use my Kleen Kanteens for my coffee, but that is where it’s usability came to an end – hot beverages in the original Kleen Kanteen = bad combination!! I almost scalded my hand trying to hold it. Lesson learned…

Their new Kleen Kanteen Insulated is the perfect F1 (first filial) generation to the parent models, the plastic water bottle replacements. The insulated model is thicker and so…no more hand scalding!!

And, one happy camper who can once again take her cup of Joe on the go…

What also makes me happy?

Knowing that the product I just bought makes sure to minimize the packaging of it’s products, and if they do use boxes, etc, they come from post-consumer waste or are made from materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). All labels on the bottles, in-store displays, etc are made from FSC-wood and use low-VOC, water-based stains. I also know, that unlike plastic water bottles which end up in landfills, if I no longer want my Kleen Kanteen, I can be assured that the stainless steel doesn’t downcycle – meaning it can be recycled into a product with the same quality of stainless steel. But, come on, why wouldn’t I want it??!

I also like seeing that while Kleen Kanteen does a lot to make sure it is making significant progress in reducing the waste of plastic bottles, supporting the awareness of BPA-free products and research of health risks, as well as offsetting its environmental impacts, the company is well aware of the need to continue looking into ways to be environmentally and socially smarter about their own practices.

Kleen Kanteen have offset the electricity they use at their Chico, California distributing facilities and offices since 2008 and are looking into the potential of using solar technology to generate the electricity for their facilities.

They are taking action with respect to assessing their sourcing, materials and shipping in order to make changes to become more knowledgeable and resourceful with respect to material origins and product production, safe (health and quality control), and abide by environmental and social (including employee rights, safe working conditions, fair labour, etc) standards and policies.

Furthermore, as a member of 1% For the Planet, Kleen Kanteen looks to support like-minded organizations.

Thanks Kleen Kanteen – I love my new KK Insulated!!